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Strain Insulator GT 300

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Strain Insulator GT 300
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Strain Insulator For Wire Antennas

Extrem Robust



PTFE insulators are not affected by any aggressive media which are likely to be encountered aboard seagoing ships. At tropical temperatures, immunity to attack by chemicals is guaranteed for inorganic acids in concentrations up to 20%, alkalis, aqueous solutions of inorganic salts, organic acids, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, esters and amines and, of course, sea water.


Also, PTFE insulators do not absorb moisture if immersed in water for a long time. The build-up of ice or dust is largely prevented by the water-repellent surface.


The GT 300 is equipped with electrolythic polished fittings.

PTFE insulators have excellent electrical characteristics, for example an extremely high insulation resistance, negligible surface conductivity, low dielectric loss factor and a good resistance to creepage currents and arcing. There is no degradation of the electrical data in humid environments.

Strain Insulator GT 300




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