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Start Antenna Distributors AMC Series Antenna Distributor AMC -B1 Series (20 - 3600 MHz)

Antenna Distributor AMC -B1 Series (20 - 3600 MHz)

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Antenna Distributor AMC -B1 Series (20 - 3600 MHz)
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Flexible Antenna Multicoupler 20 - 3600 MHz

1 Input - Up to 16 Outputs



The AMC series is a very flexible antenna distribution solution.

This series is available for various frequency ranges from 10 kHz to 3.6 GHz.
This version operates in the frequency range from 20 MHz to 3600 MHz.

The devices are designed for integration into 19-inch racks.
Its small footprint allows for flexible integration into the application environment.


AMC Series






In accordance with the requirements of customers 4, 8, 12 or 16 outputs can be provided.
N or SMA type output connectors are available.

Customer requirements can be considered.




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